Arika is running because she C.A.R.E.S. about our children & our school communities!

Tackling some of the hard issues, so our childr​en can have the best.



 Community Collaboration

 Community Collaboration can help support the student, school faculty, and the learning environment. Those partnerships can also provide additional resources to help meet many of the complex needs of students and their families.

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Accessing & Educating Students 

Accessing and educating students based on their needs, abilities, talents, and goals.  In this way, we create a more individualized education that prepares every student for future success and competitive advantage by offering high-demand, diverse, and accessible career and technical programs as well as offering comprehensive college preparation.

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Recruiting & Retaining Trauma-Informed Staff

Recruiting and retaining good, quality, and diverse trauma-informed staff so the adults in the school community are prepared and eager to support all students, as well as proactively respond to students with disabilities and/ or who have been impacted by toxic stress.

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Expansion of Early Education

Emphasizing the expansion of  early education can allow students to begin at the same level as their peers and increase their academic success rate, but also create positive relationships with the school community and help develop self-regulation skills.

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Student Safety

Student safety is essential to student well-being and learning. Students who do not feel safe, valued, and supported at school cannot learn to their fullest potential nor can they truly connect to the school community. The lack of connection can lead to disciplinary issues, in which children who are suspended are more likely to be held back, drop out, and become involved in the justice system.

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Our children deserve the best.

Tackling the hard issues, so our children can have the best.